About Us


PELETHOR®, originally founded in Atlanta, GA in 2017, offers innovative yet fashionable safety solutions for consumer end users.

Having experience living in Indonesia, in the heart of the Ring of Fire, known as the area where earthquakes and tsunamis are the norm, as well as living in the United States where hurricanes and wildfire are not uncommon, our team designed, engineered, tested, and produced our original fire and water resistant document bag (and more to come) to protect important documents and valuables.

We have known and seen many close friends in our lives that have lost their valuables in either catastrophic or small house fire and flood events which were unexpected.  These includes damaged birth certificates, passports, etc., which are replaceable but cumbersome to reproduce.  However, destroyed photos & memorabilia are irreplaceable, and they are treasured and priceless.

Our mission is to provide peace-of-mind and protection for your valuables in the event of the unexpected.


From ours to your peace of mind,